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Elite Option Trader

Elite Option Trader

Welcome To Elite Option Trader

Elite Option Trader
, written by options expert Corey Williams, is an investment trading service that seeks out short-term, high-return opportunities in the options market.  Through extensive study and real-life experience, Corey has discovered a way to identify stocks that are exhibiting sustainable momentum and then use options on these stocks to capture tremendous gains, in a very short amount of time.

You see, Corey Williams has spent many years in both the financing and credit industries.  Prior to joining Hyperion Financial, Corey worked for a number of financial firms including Desert Hills Bank and Conseco.

This experience gives him an 'inside' view of not only the economy as a whole, but also individual subsectors.  In understanding the dynamics of these subsectors, Corey is able to drill-down and really get a handle on which stocks are about to move (either up or down).

Corey is then able to apply his vast options experience to pick the best strategy to maximize profits and minimize risk. 

Here at Hyperion Financial, we believe in offering investment research that goes against the grain.  That is how real money is made.  When it comes to investing, following the herd often ends in disaster or subpar investment returns.  That's why we were so happy to get someone of Corey's caliber to help our subscribers invest profitably in the option markets.

Some of the services recent results include a 168% gain on Apache calls, 264% returns on United Airlines puts, and a 757% gain on Diana Shipping calls.  These profits were made without any margin, spreads or borrowed money.  Nor do you have to have a large bankroll or PhD to see these types of returns.

By combining both fundamental and technical analysis gleaned from years of real world trading experience, Elite Option Trader enables you to use the tremendous power of options with strictly limited risk.  This type of option strategy gives you the opportunity for large gains whether stocks are sinking or soaring, making it the perfect strategy for today's markets.

Click here to learn more about the strategy.  Click here to see the performance of expired positions.